There won’t be anymore
That is,
God will climb into
Your pocket.
Hafiz, Sufi poet
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I saw two birds on a limb this morning
Laughing with the sun…

– Hafiz, Sufi poet

Do you two sometimes just not “get” each other?

Couples want to have a sense that they connect and are “on the same page,” sharing their lives richly and deeply.

All couples have times of not understanding each other, but these moments are the key to supporting what really matters in your relationship. You can make them learning experiences that…

  • create greater intimacy
  • build a solid foundation for your relationship’s future
  • and assist each individual’s own personal growth inside and outside the relationship

How does that work?
All of us emerge from our childhoods with a unique set of vulnerabilities and unconscious beliefs about what is possible for us in our relationships. With those vulnerabilities and beliefs, we—again, unconsciously—set out to enroll someone to reinforce them.

But our partners have their own vulnerabilities and beliefs. In this unique dance, we find remarkable intimacy and healing, as well as—often, unfortunately—extraordinary confusion and even pain.

NLP-based change work respectfully reveals these unconscious choices, and makes it possible for couples to make new choices as free, loving adults.

Who Do I Work With?
I work with couples at any stage of their relationship:

  • pre-marital counseling
  • stable relationships that want a “tune-up” or to deepen their shared journey
  • couples that are struggling

Pre-Marital Counseling
I love working with couples before their weddings! I am available to work closely with clergy who require pre-marital counseling of their parishioners, and I provide professional counseling services to ensure that couples understand the realities of married life, have become aware of their possible pitfalls, and are well equipped to deal with the rewards and challenges ahead.

Call me to clarify what your relationship means, and experience changes that are a win-win for everyone.

Also Available: Pre-Marital Wedding Services
Service Bulletins $150
Officiating $250
Wedding Rehearsal $150

Contact me for a FREE thirty minute phone consultation.