There won’t be anymore
That is,
God will climb into
Your pocket.
Hafiz, Sufi poet
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Are You Suffering On Behalf of Your Family?

Imagine this: A small child grows up seeing her parents suffering. The child knows deep down that this is not good for anyone—for the parents or for the child. So, the child—who loves her parents unconditionally—does what anyone would do: she tries to help. This starts a life pattern that, as she grows into adulthood, causes myriad manifestations of perplexing and surprising pain for her. All because of an initial gesture of love.

Does this sound familiar?
This is called devotional suffering, and we all do it. On occasion, the source of this suffering is blindingly obvious. But most of the time we simply experience painful patterns in our lives having no idea what the source of the patterns could be. Devotional suffering is often the reason we find ourselves going to therapists or seeking other healing modalities to change our experience of life.

Unfortunately, as long as the source of the suffering remains invisible
—as it almost always does—it cannot be shifted. And here’s another “unfortunately”: it turns out we don’t do it only on behalf of our parents; we also can do it on behalf of generations of suffering ancestors, too. Whew! How do we begin to uncover the roots of our devotional suffering?

Family Constellations are the best way I’ve found to start uncovering and re-solving these issues.
It’s a way to connect with our “Family Soul,” reveal the entanglements that are causing us so much suffering, and unentangle them so that we can find our proper and happy place within our families, no longer lovingly suffering on anyone’s behalf (which, by the way, our ancestors would very much prefer us not to do!).

Family Constellations are the creation of Bert Hellinger, a German Catholic priest and family systems therapist. He discovered that our Family Soul (you can call it tribal consciousness, communion of saints, or ancestral roots—it comes by many names) is quite accessible, and that through a gentle group process we can find the cause of devotional suffering and find re-solutions for them on behalf of clients.

I offer Family Constellations as a trained facilitator. I have open appointments for clients who would like to have their constellation done.

I also have free openings for others who would like to observe and participate
without having their own constellation done. A constellation requires participants who help access the client’s Family Soul under the guidance of a trained facilitator. Because we are accessing a larger wisdom, there are always benefits for the participants as well.

See my events page for my public constellation schedule.
Contact me at if you are interested in other dates, or to schedule a private constellation.

Discover what Family Constellations can do to reveal the sources of the devotional suffering patterns in your life, and find profound re-solutions so that once again you find your proper place in your family.

Leslie Nipps, NLP & Change Work Practitioner
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