Where is the door to God?
In the sound of a barking dog,
In the ring of a hammer,
In the drop of rain,
In the face of each.
Hafiz, Sufi poet
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Upcoming Events

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Family Constellations

April 19th & May 3rd, 6:30-9:30pm

830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Cost: $5.00

Family Constellations are a way to connect with our “Family Soul,” reveal the entanglements that are causing us so much suffering, and unentangle them so that we can find our proper and happy place within our families, no longer lovingly suffering on anyone’s behalf. Click here for more information about family constellations.

Client openings to have your constellation done are available at upcoming evenings. If you are finding some area of your life blocked regardless of the personal growth work you’ve done, a constellation may be the breakthrough you are looking for. Contact me ASAP to reserve your spot or to find out more; client openings get filled quickly.

It is only $5.00 to come as a participant, to watch, observe, and take part in a client’s constellation. This is a rich experience, and participants always leave with their own insights and ahas. Bring your friends!

To register as a client or a participant, contact me.


We'll Meet in the Sun by Leslie NippsFREE Monthly Business Clearing & Change Work Telecalls for Alternative Practitioners & Coaches

May 13th & June 10th, 5:00-6:00p PT

May 13th Topic: Business As Spiritual Path
June 10th Topic: Developing Resiliency and a Strong Self-Employment Identity

You work hard on your business. Would you like regular support, creative input and clearing?

Everyone who is successful in business gets help. Some of that help is from a variety of paid professionals, but we also need to find other kinds of support which don’t cost much or are free. Here’s your chance! Each month, we’ll gather on the phone, hopefully, provide that “unexpected grace” that will make everything you do just a little easier.

What will happen on each call?

  • We’ll summon ancestral support through practical exercise so that we are never “on our own.”
  • We’ll get some insight on and do a little work on an “inner work” issue, like self-value, getting stuck, being visible, and the other “sticky” issues that come up as we grow in business.
  • I’ll also take a few questions from people on the call for insight and work which help all of us get some change.
  • We’ll end refreshed, encouraged, supported and bit more inspired!

Because of our time together, we’ll be able to move forward more quickly and more confidently than when we do it alone.

To register for the call and get a PIN number, contact me directly at leslie@leslienipps.com.


trees_lightWhat if Nothing is Wrong With You? A One-Day Hopeful Business Intensive for Alternative Practitioners & Coaches Who Are a Bit (or a lot) Stuck

June 6th & September 12th

830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
or Live Streaming via Google Hangouts (for distance participants)

Admit it: We’re a little special, those of us who are alternative practitioners and coaches. Not because we’re better than other people in business, but many of us tick a bit differently, and we often find that the usual ways of doing business just don’t work very well for us.

However, there has to be a way forward that can allow us to do our good work and financially thrive. The good news? There is. But often it involves a bit of unlearning, and finding out about the ways we may be unconsciously making it harder for ourselves than we need.

In the one-day workshop, you will:

  • Find out the unique obstacles that alternative practitioners and coaches often face.
  • Really come to understand why you are stuck, or not reaching goals that are important to you.
  • Learn how business success and heart-based work can be in full, beautiful alignment.
  • See and appreciate the different ways we get stopped, and learn practical approaches to moving forward.

For more information and to register, go to One-Day Business Intensive.