How did the rose ever open its heart
And give to this world all its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its being.

We all remain too
Hafiz, Sufi poet
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My constellation was an amazing experience. I don't understand how it all works but it has deeply moving results. Leslie is a talented facilitator!

Are you at the end of
your “personal change” rope?

  • Change can happen too slowly. Or it can happen at just the right measured pace.
  • Change can happen remarkably quickly. Or it can be forced too hard.

You really want something to change in your life, but there are two things that make you suspicious:

1) therapy that seems endless and all about “process,” but also
2) high energy practitioners promising quick changes that never really bear fruit.

You have a notion that there is a third way. Sometimes you’ve tasted it yourself—in a church, reading the right book, while meditating, as a result of the love and advice of a good friend, or just on your own.

There’s a resource, a wellspring that is almost infinite, that is available to you and your struggle, but it doesn’t come at the snap of your fingers or just by “manifesting” it. Such an attitude, frankly,
shows disrespect to the human experience, which
is full of complexity…

…sometimes challenging, and sometimes very, very beautiful.

At a deeper level, we’re looking for a reassurance that life is trustworthy, that our own being is trustworthy.

When we get to this,
we experience
rapport with life.

Welcome to the third way.

Do you wish you could find the “root issue”:the source of your block, unwanted experience, or persistent pain?

Together, we find the source of your unwanted experience, and create new patterns toward what you would like.

How does it work?

We meet in two hour sessions about once a month, allowing ourselves to go deeply, rather than trying to find meaning in weekly 50 minute sessions, or a single workshop that is supposed to “change your life.”

When something important is stuck in our lives, there is no flow, and we feel without power to make it different. In that place, we do not know how to be heard, how to be seen or how to be known.

You want to be heard, seen and known. It’s time.

I practice Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a powerful set of tools combined with a deeply appreciative stance toward the client’s current situation that makes it possible to change in the direction of the kind of life we most desire.

I also facilitate Family Constellations, which in a group context is a powerful tool for unentangling ourselves from patterns that come from our family suffering.

Find out if I am the change work practitioner who can help you have the experience of life you know is waiting within you. Call me for a
FREE thirty minute phone consultation.

You will experience how I help clients…

  • honor what they truly want
  • understand what is preventing their dreams from being fulfilled
  • and know that they are on a path toward those dreams.

Leslie Nipps, Masters NLP & Family Constellations Practitioner
592 Jean St. #202, Oakland, CA

I look forward to hearing from you!!